I love creating. To a lesser extent, any sort of creativity moves me, but using words to create characters and share their stories is what really ignites my soul.

But why?

I've never asked myself that question before. I don't know why I get so jazzed about a cool character that winds up in a challenging situation; why letting that character show me how they'll get out of that situation gives me some sense of fulfillment. Of all the things I do and have done in my life, why does this one, in particular, feed some deep need within me?

I know that this is a phenomenon I've experienced since I was a child.

I still recall the first stories I ever wrote - derivative, two-page tales of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker rescuing Princess Leia from a variety of  precarious situations. I'm sure they were trite, with hackneyed themes and lacking a multi-act structure or any real plot or character development, but hey - the author was only 12 years old. Cut the kid some slack!

My fi…

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